Converse Jamboree 2011 Ambassador Search

Image SevenCollar T-Shirt (headliners at the Converse Jamboree)

Jamboree isn’t exactly a word that crops up very often, so for those that are unfamiliar JUICE (being the kind educators we are) consulted our trusty dictionary to give you the proper facts. We discovered two definitions. The first is that a jamboree refers to ‘a party or celebration’. The second is ‘a large rally of Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts’.

Whilst Converse are probably referring to the former, we can see how the latter might be a fitting description of the Converse Jamboree 2011. That is, if you imagine said Girl/Boy scouts to be learned in creative arts, cultural mavericks and strictly 200 Converse enthusiasts, then yes, you could say the 2 day Art and Music Festival camp out is indeed something of a jamboree, in all senses of the word.

As a brand that has long prided itself upon involvement and support of youth culture, Converse are giving 25 young creatives the opportunity to gather around and soak up each other’s awesomeness (more or less) as Ambassadors at the upcoming Jamboree. The label responsible for those timeless sneakers is calling to all creatively inclined scenesters to apply to be ambassadors at before 4 December 2011. (In the scheme of jamborees, think of them as scout leaders).

The role of these ambassadors will be to work closely with Converse to facilitate the activities of the Converse Jamboree 2011, and will serve as an opportunity for them to establish networks by rubbing shoulders with others within creative industries, whilst simultaneously developing their leadership skills.

Showcased at this 2 day special event will be some of Malaysia’s most talented visual artists, musicians, and filmmakers, including special displays, workshops, screenings, and live performances. So if you aren’t quite ambassador material, never fear, after attending the Jamboree you’ll be well on your way.

Find out more info about the happenings at the Converse Jamboree 2011, and how you can apply to attend, on the event page listing here.