Conrank Vs. The Prodigy: Experience Hyperspeed

Shanghai-based London DJ Conrank has been making quite a name for himself — his beats had been used by DMC DJ Championships in a global beat juggling competition and listed him as 1 of the 10 hottest celebrities in China. Keeping in the spirit of his new home, Conrank recently made a bootleg of the entirety of The Prodigy’s seminal classic The Experience. And we got the first track off it officially leaked, ‘Hyperspeed’, which happens to be one of our favourites off the album.

The Prodigy’s original beat was already masculine enough, but Conrank has injected a dose of testosterone into the beat with drum’n’bass production. There’s no desecration of a classic here, instead Conrank has intensified the blood-pumping energy of the original. It’s the kind of track that immediately conjures images of illegal club nights held in dingy abandoned warehouses, littered with hoodies and chavs conversing in dialogues straight off Attack the Block.

Conrank (Detour Asia) will release Conrank Vs. The Prodigy pretty soon, watch this space. More on Conrank here. Check out Detour Asia’s latest happenings at