Concubine KL Threw A Special Tequila Night With A Unique ‘Margherita Pizza’ Cocktail

How long has it been since you’ve been to Petaling Street? In the past few years before COVID-19 hit, the downtown KL area has seen somewhat of a renaissance.

With the iconic Jalan Panggung street now refurbished as an art showcase hub, many pubs and restaurants have sprung up, bringing with it a new energy to the place.

Lorong Panggung, or as the locals call it, ‘Kwai Chai Hong’ – Cantonese for ‘Ghost Lane’, a nod to it’s past. (source: ANY5354 Travel)

Perhaps the cosiest locale on this car-free alley, Concubine KL had only just opened in late 2019. Founded by partners Nico (of Pisco Bar fame) and restauranteur Andy, they have gone from strength to strength despite the challenging times.

Last week, they held a special ‘Tequila Night’ in collaboration with guest bartender and Patrón Brand Ambassador Jonas Ax. And as luck would have it, JUICE was there to take in the occasion.

Formulated alongside resident barkeep Danny Winter, Concubine KL served up four unique creations for one night only, all based off the Mexican spirit. And we can report back, they were a feast for the senses.

Danny Winter, Jonas Ax, & the menu for the night.

First things first, we had the playfully named ‘Margherita’, which is actually a take on the classic Italian pizza. Brewed in a large batch for over 48 hours, the tequila was infused with ingredients you would normally expect on the dish, but in liquid form.

Coupled with the spirit is a flakey, biscuit-‘canapé’, topped with a ricotta reduction made from the excess brew, basil leaf, and half a cherry tomato. A mouthful of this, and you’re wondering why you ever bothered with the real thing.

‘Margherita’, without the Pizza.

After that, we were treated to the Tequila Con Verdita Y Sangrita, which is a three-shot arrangement not for the faint of heart.

One tall shot of Patrón Tequila is chased down with a herbal, green Verdita as well as a spicy Sangrita accompaniment. The recommended way to have it is to have it straight right after the other, and we duly obliged.

Wow, just wow.

Our guests for the night took in the Señor Sling and Tequila Can.. Or Cannot, and true to form, the spirit was the main highlight, without being too overpowering. Both infused with actual grapefruit, with the former a soda and bitters for the latter.

We ended the night chatting it up on their balcony verandah, which also serves as a beautiful vantage point of the Lorong Panggung area. There is nothing quite like taking in a cold drink in the middle of an area full of heritage.

(Source: TheSmartLocal)

Concubine KL is now fully re-opened for your dining pleasure. Just don’t head there on Mondays, as they’re closed that day. Check out their Instagram for the full operating hours.

Alternatively, for a good time, you can also head to Pisco Bar in the nearby Bukit Bintang area. With live music back in tow, the good times are back. And let’s hope they never go away!