Billie Eilish Fans Have Been Queuing At The Stadium Since 4AM Today, 16 Hours Before The Concert!

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It’s Billie Eilish day! In case you’ve been living under a rock, the singer-songwriter’s concert in Malaysia is happening tonight, coinciding with her Happier Than Ever, The World Tour 2022.

Since the news broke out two months ago, fans have been rushing to secure tickets to watch her live in the National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur. Check out the seat map!

Following the hype of what’s happening tonight, Billie’s fans geared up this morning to queue at the stadium. One fan in particular, Nadia, woke up at 4am to wait in line for the concert. You might think this is overkill, but loads of people had the same idea.

Nadia, who goes by @constipatedvegetable on TikTok, arrived to be 10th in line outside the stadium and began to get comfortable and make herself a cup of noodles for sustenance until 8.30pm tonight.

@constipatedvegetable little update on the waiting line for standing zone #billieeillish#happierthanevertour#billieeillishmalaysia ♬ original sound – Nadia

In her TikTok, she even seemed to have formed a bond with the rest of the early risers and watched the sunrise at 5am. By 9.30am, her video shows that there were already plenty of people waiting in line patiently for 11 more hours.

Speaking to JUICE, Nadia gave us a glimpse of what the situation looks like as of 1pm today, saying that she’ll be “running as fast as she can” to secure the best spots.

Just yesterday, Billie was spotted shopping at Sungai Wang Plaza with her brother and fellow artist, Finneas. Sporting a black loose tank and sweatpants, it seems she’s acclimated to the Malaysian weather already.

Sorry Billie, its summer all year long here. 

Source: The Star

Fans commented on how down-to-earth her chosen site was for shopping, as visiting celebrities are usually spotted at the likes of KLCC or Pavilion.

According to The Star, netizens joked about the artiste getting a new pair of glasses, or getting her hair done at the mall, referencing the usual services offered at Sungai Wang Plaza for a bargain.

Either way, we’re sure she’ll show up decked out in her usual gear tonight, ready to wow us all with her live performance.

As for ticket holders, better start making your way there now!

For the rest of us who aren’t fortunate enough to get tickets, our Editor wrote a song about staying forever young as a heartfelt dedication to his wife who will be attending the concert tonight. Enjoy! <3