Coldplay Concert Frenzy In Malaysia Sparks Petition For Additional Concert Date

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source: Live Nation

As Coldplay’s much awaited “Music of the Spheres” concert was confirmed for November 22, anticipation rapidly swept across Malaysia. But for many Malaysians, what ought to have been a joyful ticket buying experience quickly morphed into disappointment.

On May 16, CIMB cardholders were able to purchase tickets in advance, and on May 17, the general public could do the same. Disappointed Malaysians vented their resentment on social media on both days. Despite their persistent participation in the online queue, the tickets appeared to disappear in a flash, leaving them without any. The situation was made worse when accounts of people connected to ticketing firms obtaining an astounding quantity of tickets arose adding fuel to the fire.

A substantial amount of people did manage to get tickets – Alas, some had also fallen into the hands of notorious scalpers, who have already begun to sell the tickets for nearly three times their price. It’s also noteworthy that these ‘resellers’ seem to find humour in the situation, one even writing, “I have the tickets, you don’t” in the description of his e-listing.

There’s also this, which we don’t really know what to say about:

Another, when called out by a netizen who pointed out that the price listed by them was illogical, simply stated, “Willing buyer, willing seller.”

GoLive, the concert’s organisers, also claimed that an astounding 400,000 individuals were in the online queue when tickets sold out on the second day, illuminating the tremendous size of the demand for tickets. A passionate request for an additional concert date surfaced amidst the disarray, garnering the attention of many, portraying the fervour of Malaysian supporters who are adamant on catching Coldplay live.

Remember this?

Malaysians were quick to sign it, especially since the petition was created by Iman Tang, an event organiser and influential figure in the local entertainment scene. In fact, he had been the one to post the first announcement of Coldplay’s local show.

The objective of the petition was to convince Coldplay to extend their Malaysian tour by just one day, as they did for Japan and Taiwan. The petition gathered pace rapidly and reached over 10,000 signatures at the time of writing owing to Iman Tang’s credibility and the ardent backing of netizens.

Coldplay’s fans in Malaysia have proven their tenacity and perpetual loyalty to the group. Their tenacity shines through as they join together for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the British rock band in the flesh, despite the disappointment brought on by the ticketing system.

Will their plea be heard? Only time will tell if the music giants will heed the call and grant Malaysian fans an extended opportunity to experience the magic of Coldplay live in their country…

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