Over 7k Fail To Return Reusable Wristbands From KL Coldplay Show

Image via Coldplay

The Coldplay concert in Kuala Lumpur was an unforgettable experience for fans, not only due to the band’s once-in-a-lifetime performance, but also the innovative wristbands distributed at the show.

Provided by the concert organisers, they illuminate in sync with the songs Coldplay was performing at the time. But what many concertgoers might not realise is that these wristbands also play a crucial role in the band’s commitment to sustainability.

Crafted from 100% compostable, plant-based materials, they are designed to be reused at every Coldplay concert as a part of the band’s effort to minimise their environmental footprint.

That’s why Coldplay urges attendees to return their wristbands after the show.

Image via @srhxni (TikTok)

However, it seems that a sizeable amount of people are not adhering to this request.

According to social media posts, the return rate of the wristbands at the Kuala Lumpur concert last year stood at 90%, last among Coldplay’s four prior shows.

That’s not the lowest number, but keep in mind that the show broke attendance records with over 75,000 fans packing the Bukit Jalil National Stadium. This means that approximately 7,500 wristbands were unaccounted for.

However, it’s worth noting that the return rate isn’t consistent across different cities. For example, during a recent six-day Coldplay concert in Thailand, the return rate displayed for Kuala Lumpur was 1% higher.

These are the most recent return rates as of now:

Tokyo, Japan – 97%
Copenhagen, Denmark – 96%
Buenos Aires, Argentina – 94%
Kaohsiung, Taiwan – 93%
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 91%
Singapore – 91%
Perth, Australia – 90%
Bangkok, Thailand – 89%
Amsterdam, Netherlands – 87%
Manila, Philippines – 87%
Seattle, USA – 86%
Vancouver, Canada – 82%
Jakarta, Indonesia – 77%

Amidst the flak, some netizens have come to the defence of Coldplay fans who chose to keep their wristbands.

They argue that it serves as a memento of a special night they paid to experience – and that hitting a percentage over 90 was a pretty solid achievement in itself.

However, a quick check by JUICE unsurprisingly shows that some attendees have also taken to local e-commerce sites to sell the wristbands.

Either way, returning them remains crucial for Coldplay’s sustainability initiatives and efforts to promote eco-friendly practices in the music industry.