1-32, 33 & 33A, THE SCOTT GARDEN
T: 03 7980 7612, 016 339 1266

The Scott Garden is fast becoming fertile grounds for bars & clubs, it’s really the only reason to frequent the place (aside from the dope bak kut teh joints nearby). If there ever were one bar & club that seems more legit than the rest there, it’s The Quattro Group’s latest joint Cocoon. Designed to evoke an amorphous atmosphere, the venue’s concaved projection panels are lined on the walls, creating a cocoon-like structure that can change the feel and mood of the place at will. You might just feel like you’re in a different club the second time you step into the place. Being both bar and club, the former slowly gets absorbed into the latter as night falls and the whole place metamorphose into a giant club. Imagine sipping on a few cold ones at the bar in the evening only to later discover you’re in nightclub with DJs playing banging tunes. That’s Cocoon.

CLIENTELE Post-working hours crowd, anyone who wants to party and loves to drink.
DRINKS Liquor, beer, cocktail, standard bar & club fare.

PROMO Currently Cocoon is having an opening promo till further notice; a tower of Tiger goes for only RM50 on Sunday to Wednesday (5pm-11pm), and Thursday to Saturday (5pm-10pm). There’s also a buy 1 free 1 deal for everything in the menu (inc. beers & liquor bottles) happening on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays till further notice. Wednesdays are even better as currently there’s a buy 1 bottle free 1 beer tower offer, also valid till further notice.

Buy 1 free 2 (5pm-8pm)
Buy 1 free 1 (8pm-11pm)
*Applicable for pint(s) only.

TIGER @ JUG RM35 / TOWER RM60 | HEINEKEN @ JUG RM45 / TOWER RM80 (5pm-8pm)
TIGER @ JUG RM45 / TOWER RM75 | HEINEKEN @ JUG RM55 / TOWER RM95 (8pm-11pm)
*All prices subject to sales tax and service charge where applicable

MUSIC POLICY Local and foreign DJs spin. Expect all the crowd-pleasing club hits.

DRESS CODE Casual, smart, you know the drill.

PARKING The Scott Garden has ample parking space (problem is they are probably taken during office hours and peak time). There’s valet if all else fails.