Classixx: Faraway Reach


LA disco house duo Classixx continues their knack of songs immersed in summer, bright, and easy grooves with sophomore album Faraway Reach. With the rise of tropical house, Classixx has managed to contribute beneficially to the milieu with a cohesive, effortless album. The definitive word to describe Faraway Reach is buoyant; it refers to the lithe gaiety of the synth beats as well as the merry mood you will experience when listening to many of the songs, such as ‘I Feel Numb’ with Holy Ghost!’s Alex Frankel, ‘Just Let Go’ in which How To Dress Well urges you to release yourself from strife and pain in a quintessential diva vocal, and ‘Ndivile’ with South African singer Nonku singing over washes of jingling keys, clanging of bells, and other textures. As for the T-Pain-featuring ‘Whatever I Want’, we feel as indifferent about it as we do about its MV, which was funnily a remake of The Smith’s ‘Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This Before’, made for the millennial age.  However, for all the blitheness that’s presented, closer ‘A Mountain With No Ending’ with Australian electronic duo Panama illustrates that summer will come to an end and the fun will follow suit; “Burning, I keep falling into what I was before.”

Watch the MV for ‘Whatever I Want’ below:

Rating: 4

Faraway Reach is released via Innovative Leisure.