China Halts Daily Covid-19 Updates, Stirring Global Disquiet & Fear Of Deliberate Non-Disclosure

source: Rolling Stone

Over the past three days, China has failed to update its daily Covid-19 infections and deaths report, raising suspicions across the world that the nation may be downplaying the true severity of its outbreak.

At the time of writing, Chinese authorities have not released any information regarding the discontinuation. Nevertheless, officials earlier stated that as a component of its plan to downgrade virus management, the nation may eventually convert to monthly reports.

Previously, WHO underlined the importance for sharing of information about the strains circulating and requested updated Covid-19 data from China.

source: NPR

On January 5, WHO expressed its belief that China’s depiction of the Covid-19 status in the country is inaccurate.

Dr. Michael Ryan, director of WHO’s emergency department, believes that China understates the frequency of hospitalisations and disease-related deaths.

China’s interpretation of a Covid death, in his opinion, is “very limited” as the nation modified its definition of a Covid death last month, now only reporting individuals who pass away as a result of respiratory ailments.

source: BBC

WHO advises against this since it specifies that deaths are considered “linked to Covid
if they are caused by a “clinically compatible sickness in a probable or confirmed Covid-19 case, except when there is a convincing alternative cause of death that cannot be associated with Covid-19.”

Ryan adds that he hopes to obtain “more thorough data” and notes that China’s interaction with the WHO has increased recently. He also advises individual health professionals to share their own information and experiences.

His remarks came as more nations started placing travel restrictions on tourists from China due to the country’s rising infection rates.