Chilly Fizi – Privacy

In this final instalment of the feature, Liyana Fizi gives us an intimate acoustic performance of ‘Light Writing’ at Artisan Roast before revealing to us her ultimate idea of chilling out in the city – the privacy of being at home.


Bonding with the girls @ FRIEND’S HOUSE
Little known fact, Liyana isn’t exactly agoraphobic but she does have a dislike for crowds, “I prefer chilling out with my friends in private. We’d go to each other’s houses and entertain ourselves with everything from DVDs, catching up with each other, to roleplaying.” We aren’t exactly sure what the last one would entail in their private vocabulary, but we sure are curious now!

Chilling out @ HOME

“Chilling out with my cat Yoko. She reads the papers in the morning. Smart cat, sleeps a lot.”

Liyana Fizi’s debut album Between the Lines is out at all good record stores. Check out the singer songwriter’s internet presence at and