Chickens In The Loo? Shocking Photos Reveal Abysmal Hygiene at Shah Alam Restaurant That Will Make You Cringe

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Have you ever been to a restaurant and wondered what goes on in the kitchen?

That curiosity is enough for customers to become wary but after seeing these pictures, some of us might think twice before dining in restaurants with questionable hygiene.

Jabatan Kesihatan Persekitaran MBSA recently uploaded shocking images on Facebook of poor restaurant hygiene at a commercial area in Shah Alam, and the abysmal conditions are enough to make you cringe.

Check them out below:

With garbage strewn across the pantry, chickens running rampant in the toilet as if it’s Animal Crossing, murky waters staining the toilet floors and cooking appliances that appear to have not been cleaned since the dawn of humanity, it’s baffling how these establishments have not been caught sooner.

The inspection was done on 21 July 2022 around Pusat Komersial Seksyen 7 Shah Alam.

Up to 49 premises were checked and 32 compounds were issued due to numerous violations. 2 notices were released as well.

While most netizens can only comment on how they’re gagging at the images, some have a sense of humour about it, especially when it comes to the chickens.


After seeing these photos, we can conclude that these restaurants deserve the F grade for cleanliness, with F being Fatal.

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