Chance the Rapper: Take a Puff, Take a Chance

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source: Chance the Rapper

Chance The Rapper’s sing-song style has been likened to a lot of other rappers – Lil Wayne, Devin The Dude, Andre 3000. If ‘Chain Smoker’ from debut Acid Rap is anything to go by, JUICE’s own (more) accurate assessment is this; Chance is the bastard child of Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Slimkid3 (of the Pharcyde) had he inherited the former’s endearingly atrocious singing and personality and the latter’s flow and everyman relatability.

The f*ck does that make Chance then? Your regular Joe f*ck-up. ‘Chain Smoker’ even has amazingly self-effacing lyrics that recall the other Pharcyde member’s (Fatlip) solo outing, complete with the same humour (“Brain broken / Frank Ocean listening / Stain hitting, satin woodgrain gripping / Paint dripping /Motha, shut your mouth”).

It’s the sort of drugged-out joint with a hazy beat that city dwellers could bump to while walking around Changkat high off their minds. The most impressive thing about it all? Chance doesn’t glorify being an idiotic stoner one bit.