CEE: Gustav & Hannes

A beautiful instrumental paean to his late son, Gustav, Gustav & Hannes is an emotional catharsis for CEE. Recorded at The Dusun — and containing samples of field recordings there –where Gustav and his twin brother Hannes spent the first two weeks of their lives, the album is a sonic representation of the love and joy shown to him by CEE and wife.

CEE wants to share what they went through with all of us, thus Gustav & Hannes is available for free download, but you are also given the choice to pay for the release. Any monetary contribution given will go to the Malaysian Heart Institute Foundation to provide aid to infants with a heart condition, as Gustav was born with a congenital heart defect.

Gustav & Hannes can be downloaded here. Had you decide to contribute later, you can send your donation to the [email protected] PayPal account.