CC Kua’s Humorous, Childish Imagination

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Humour is evident in the wild illustrations of CC Kua, who doesn’t even take our questions too seriously as she answered them in the way that she’d like people to approach and understand her work—with lots of levity.

It’s easy to pick up the slapstick, and at times, absurd humour that imbues her drawings, this is because it comes from her consumption of shows such as Mr. Bean, Just For Laughs Gags, and the German sketch comedy show KnallerFrauen, all of which are brash and outlandish attempts at tickling your funny bone. Even in its frivolity, there is a certain weight to her blithe, unkempt illustrations that make you pause on the manic drawings. In addition to comedy shows, CC loves to read Murakami. She particularly enjoys “his monotonous way of telling stories” and the surreal sense of alienation from his sentences. With that said, her works are quite esoteric and therefore could be slightly distancing to people who don’t understand her wonderful oddness.

CC also likes ‘stupid ideas’, to which she explained they are ideas that are “raw, intuitive, and sometimes illogical, but they provide a lot of happiness and possibilities.” Although she had a tertiary education in graphic design and illustration, she does not rely on it for the improvement of her skills and craft. “I don’t develop the technique or style. I develop myself, that’s what people can’t take away,” she stated. CC Kua clearly embraces her eccentricities — more power to her.

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