Catch Wonderful and Bizarre Documentaries With Cinephilia This Entire Month

By definition, documentary simply means a programme, whether on film, television or video that consists of factual reports on a particular subject. But the meaning itself has been debated over the years since it’s coined, and the father of Documentaries John Grierson has declared that documentary is the “creative treatment of actuality”. With a camera, the results are endless.

There are more than just Oscar-nominated films, TV-made movies or those horrible, yet fun action movies that we often go to without realising there’s more out there for us to discover and seek out, and at JUICE, we’re always exploring new grounds.

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For the month of March, Kelab Seni Filem Malaysia and Cinephilia presents March: Month of Documentaries, where they’ll be exploring the world around us through the documentary lens; from film essays, to cinéma vérité, to radical docu-fictions and more.

The series will highlight filmmakers as diverse as muckraking Shohei Imamura, the lyrically poetic Chris Marker and the larger than life Stakhanovite documentarian Wang Bing.

These aren’t your archetypal documentaries like the ones on History or Nat Geo, these are the weird, wonderful, bizarre, and often unflinching stories, memoirs, essays, and portrayals of our world and the multitude of people who live in it.

So bring a friend, lover, hippies or your mother to one of the screenings or, the whole month itself.

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