Cartoon Network & M’sian Animators, Animonsta Create New Cartoon Series, Mechamato

 Animonsta, the creators behind famous cartoon, BoBoiBoy have now collaborated with Cartoon Network to create an animation series that follows a boy named Amato and his robot, MechaBot.

Uniquely enough, the creator of Mechamato, Mohd Nizam Abd Razak, has used his hometown, Melaka, as the show’s setting. 

Viewers can lookout for a fictional Kota Hilir as Bandar Melaka in the show, just spot the waterways and diverse community.

Animonsta’s chief content officer, Anas Abdul Aziz told Malay Mail that he and his colleague, Nizam used their multicultural upbringing as inspiration for the series.

Animonsta’s chief content officer, Anas Abdul Aziz

“I think it’s very important to have that especially in this day and age where society can be a bit polarised,” said Anas. 

“As creators of shows for children, it’s important there’s this normalcy and harmony in our society that needs to be celebrated,” he added. 

Watch a sneak peak of the series that showcases a Silat breakdance! 

The series also has a disabled character named Mara who follows Amato and his robot on adventures. 

Karakter dalam animasi terbaru, Mechamato terbitan Monsta yang bakal ditayangkan di rantau Asia Pasifik. - Foto Monsta

Cartoon Network is making efforts to appeal to their audiences across Asia with an upcoming campaign called “Redraw Your World” set for January 2022.  

The vice president of Cartoon Network Asia Pacific, Leslie Lee said that the new Cartoon Network will stand for empowering kids from every country and every background. 

“I’m glad that Mechamato is part of this new brand,” Lee said. 

Although Mechamato was originally created in English and Malay, Cartoon Network and Animonsta have translated the series in various languages such as Indonesian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Thai, Korean and Japanese.

Cartoon Network (Astro Ch 615 HD) will be airing the first ever episode of Mechamato at 3pm, December 4th.