Carl Goes On A Date After Ellie? Disney+ Announces New Short for “Dug Days” In Time for V-Day

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Disney Pixar Up Carl and Ellie Chairs | Apartment Therapy

Pixar’s movie, Up, had no right making us cry within the first 10 minutes of the film.

The relationship between the timid, Carl and his soon-to-be-wife, the rambunctious Ellie, made for a wonderful opening sequence to Up that left audiences teary-eyed and wishing for a love that could stand the test of a time.

As you all know, Ellie passes away from old age, leaving Carl in their house alone before he meets Doug, a hilarious talking dog that he adopts by the end of the film.

Dug Days (TV Series 2021– ) - IMDb

Now, after the events of Up, comes the series Dug Days, where we follow the adorable canine and the grumpy grandpa’s adventures.

There are currently 5 shorts within the series, but the newest release will follow Carl as he goes on a first date after Ellie’s passing.

Dug Days': The Pixar Shorts Reunite Carl with His Golden Retriever | IndieWire

Audiences can expect some cute hijinks and first-date-jitters, as Carl has been living in isolation ever since the events of the film.

Since Doug has been Carl’s trusted companion over the years, maybe we’ll see the duo navigate this situation together?

Ed Asner, voice of Carl Fredricksen from 'Up,' dies at age 91 - CGTN

As some of you may know, the voice of Carl, Ed Asner, passed away in 2021 but he had recorded his parts for the series prior to his death. However, it is unclear whether or not Asner will be voicing this short, or he would be recast.

All in all, this new short that will be released in time for Valentine’s Day will be bittersweet as we reminisce on the memories of both Ed Asner and Ellie.

Nevertheless, we’re excited to see our not-so-friendly neighbourhood grandpa find love again – or at least attempt to.