Career-Focused App LinkedIn Will Have Instagram-Like Stories

(source: The News Pocket)

The idea behind Instagram Stories was a simple one as it allowed people to share “moments” from their day quickly and easily. Everything that you put together for your IG-stories would become like a slideshow, and most of us love this feature specifically because stories will stay on the account for ONLY twenty-four hours before disappearing forever from IG’s feed.

That’s why regular folks love to upload what could be called – “sh*t-posting” on their Stories. Sh*t-posting consist of compilations of random thoughts and moments of your day, dank-memes or maybe a quick boomerang of what you had for lunch. But ever wonder what it would be like if you were to have these stories shown on a more professional, work-related app?

Well, earlier last week, LinkedIn confirmed that it’s working on its own version of Stories which will be rolled out to all users soon and tbh, it’s an interestingly odd-fit.

(source: Search Engine Journal)

Pete Davies of LinkedIn explained that “Stories first appeared on Snapchat, with other platforms like Instagram and Facebook adopting them soon after. They spread for a good reason: they offer a lightweight, fun way to share an update without it having to be perfect or attached to your profile forever. Does that exist in the business world? I’d hope that most of my interactions in the break room or passing people in the hall are similarly ephemeral and light.”

Pete also stated that the sequencing of the Stories format is great for sharing key moments like – work events, sharing tips and tricks to work smarter, and how Stories opens up new messaging threads for connection with other employees or employers.

Will that be effective? Will Stories be a winner on LinkedIn? Time will tell. Until then, there’s about a gazillion notifications on my LinkedIn that are going to be, well, ignored for now.

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