Check Out Calum Scott & Anderson Kalang’s Epic Fly FM Collab

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On 26 February, Kuala Lumpur became the stage for an unforgettable experience – serving us the ultimate musical collab we didn’t know we needed.

During the recent Fly FM Jam Session, renowned English singer-songwriter Calum Scott and Kelabit musician Anderson Kalang orchestrated a remarkable rendition of ‘You Are the Reason’.

The tune is exceptional in itself, but what made this performance extra special was its impromptu nature that successfully elevated the entire event to a prestigious level for Anderson.

Check out a snippet of it here:

See, this collab wasn’t just about music, but a celebration of cultural heritage intertwined with an exploration of musical innovation that transcends borders.

Anderson Kalang, a Sape’ coach and esteemed Kelabit instrumentalist based in Kuala Lumpur, brought his wealth of expertise to the forefront. Notably, as a member of the band Naungan, he served as the Contemporary Sape’ Mentor for the 2023 Sape’ Junior Competition in Sarawak, demonstrating his dedication to nurturing young talent within the realm of traditional music.

Meanwhile, Calum Scott’s deep appreciation for Anderson’s mastery of the sape’, coupled with the resounding praises from online communities, underscores the universal allure of blending cultural influences in music.

source: Instagram/ @andersonkalang

Thus, their stunning rendition of ‘You Are the Reason’ not only marks a triumph for Anderson Kalang and Calum Scott but also heralds a promising future for the fusion of traditional and contemporary musical styles.

Long story short, this paves the way for more captivating endeavours that seamlessly merge age-old traditions with modern creativity, destined to captivate audiences on a global scale!

For those eager to witness the magic firsthand, the full video of this extraordinary performance can be found on the Fly FM YouTube channel, here.

Tune in to Fly FM and join us in celebrating the power of music and the stories that unite us! ❤️