Calling All M’sians! With Prizes Worth RM10K, Here’s How You Can Join an IRL ‘Squid Game’

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(source: NME)

Squid Game is the opposite of the sweet K-Dramas where romance is the dominant theme and surprisingly, it has taken the world by storm.

Not to get deep into it but there’s probably something primal and competitive about the series that we all enjoy. It’s no wonder why The Hunger Games is such a hit, the zombie genre is so big and why battle royale games are so popular too.

Now, what if there was a chance for you to join Squid Game but minus the gore and violence? AND RM10,000 worth of prizes up for grabs? Yeap, we heard you through the screen, it’s a yes.

Let us share with you all the deets…

Hosted by Matrix Concepts in Malaysia, the ‘Matrix Pan-Fried Sotong Game’ will be going on for three weeks starting on 30 Oct, 6 Nov and 13 Nov – all on Saturdays. All of the challenges will be held live on Matrix’s Facebook Page.

While the contest will be strictly online, don’t think it is an easy feat! You’ll have to go through nine virtual games and just like Squid Game, you NEED TO WIN in order to qualify to the next round or not, you’ll be eliminated. Bye-bye…

To keep it even more interesting, registering yourself is also a game. All you have to do is:

1. Follow and Like Matrix Concepts Facebook Page
2. Like and share this post:
3. Play ‘Stop the Guli’ Game by stopping the ‘guli’ at the right spot by pausing the gif, then screenshot it.
4. Fill in the registration form in the pop-up link sent via Messenger or click on the participation form: . Upload the screenshot in the registration form.
5. Tag 3 friends along with the hashtag #MatrixPanFriedSotongGame at the comment section of the post.

Once you’ve done these five easy steps, you’ll get an email confirmation for joining in the pre-game and once verified, will be qualified to join the whole thing!

Just like Squid Game, players for this contest will be left in dark with what type of challenges you’ll be playing. Need a tip? All we can say is to keep an eye out for any posts and sneaky hints straight from Matrix Concepts Facebook’s page.

Right now, the current first prize is set to RM2,888 but if more than 2,000 players join, the prize money will increase up to RM3,888!

While you can ask your friends and families to join and get a greater chance of winning the prize money, if they are not up for it, they could even participate as an audience too! Audiences can support their players via live poll sessions and participate in a lucky draw session at the end of every FB-live.

All we have to say is good luck and get that bag!

Hurry up and register now!