See a Different Kuala Lumpur Under MCO Through These Stunning Photographs

source: Giphy

Kuala Lumpur is a breathtaking city filled with towering buildings and unique structures both old and new. On a normal day in the city, much of its beauty would be overlooked due to the hustle and bustle that goes on. That’s definitely changed since the MCO was put it into effect.

To get an idea of how the city looks now, Instagram user and aerial travel photographer Siva Kumar took some beautiful shots of a fairly empty KL amidst the MCO.

Pictured above are but a few of the many photos that Siva had taken to depict Kuala Lumpur in its current state. You’re probably wondering how Siva managed to take these shots since citizens aren’t allowed to travel any further than 10km. According to World of Buzz, Siva managed to capture these pictures because of how close he lives to the city centre and used a drone to do so.

Despite how well these shots look, Siva claims that he simply does this as a hobby and didn’t want to miss out on the rare opportunity to photograph the city completely empty – a rare occurrence as he pointed out. Additionally, he also made a video time-lapse documenting KL before and after the MCO.

Check it out:


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