WATCH: 19 Year-Old M’sian YouTuber Wows Audience By Purchasing His First Home For RM1.6 Million

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source: YouTube | Bryson Lew

For many of us, our dreams of owning a house have been shattered by the reality of today’s economy. But this 19-year-old Malaysian YouTuber still managed to live up to that dream.

Bryson Lew shared in his recent heartwarming and inspiring YouTube video the backstory, the journey, and the reality of buying a RM1.6 Million home at such a young age.

Lew revealed that buying a house has always been the second item that he wanted to fulfil on his wish list, with the first item being taking his family on a road trip and travelling around after purchasing a car. 

However, Lew had to put on hold the first item on his list, as he believes that the house was more important as of right now.

In the video, Lew revealed that he had his doubts on whether this big purchase at such a young age was the right thing to do. In fact, Lew felt more stressed than happy after purchasing the house due to having to face a 30-year loan and spend a few hundred thousands more to renovate the house. 

Since Lew’s parents, grandmother, and sisters are heavily involved in his YouTube content, he believes that the house is worth it to keep his family close and comfortable. Especially given that their old home has started to lack in storage spaces due to filming equipment. 

source: YouTube | Bryson Lew

“Our home doesn’t look like our home. Our current top floor is not like our top floor. You’ve placed all of your gadgets there,” Lew’s mother shared in the video. 

Additionally, keeping his family close and happy is incredibly important to Lew since his parents are turning 60 soon, and his grandmother is turning 90. 

“I feel that companionship and gratitude [are] the most meaningful thing I’m doing right now,” Lew shared.  

Towards the end of the video, Lew shared that he feels more motivated and excited now as him and his parents have started to plan out what they want to have in their new home. 

“If our family will become happier because of this new house, then the thing we bought is not just a house. But it’s a – if someone’s tired, feeling anxious, getting hurt – they have this place called ‘home’. This is not just a house, but it’s a ‘home’ that gathers us all together.”