British Singer-Cellist With Malaysian Ancestral Roots Set To Release EP Under 4AD, Home to Grimes, The National, Beirut…

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With Malaysian ancestral roots in her blood, South London-based Lucinda Chua, a newly signed singer-songwriter to 4AD Record Label is set to release her second EP, Antidotes 2 on May 7.

Lucinda now shares the same label as Grimes and The National among many other notable acts.

Last week, Lucinda launched the opening track of the EP titled ‘Until I Fall’ along with a music video. She says, “For me, this song is about rebirth and finding the inner strength to rise.”

Source: Lucinda Chua

London-born Lucinda is also known as a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist who writes enchanting songs that will truly chill you through your bones, expressing herself through her voice, audio effects and a cello.

Although this is the first EP she will be releasing under 4AD, Lucinda is not a stranger in the music industry. While studying Photography at Nottingham University, Lucinda took an elective course in music production which led her to release her music online. As a result, she caught the attention of indie label Kranky which opened doors for her to tour with Stars of The Lid as a cellist and string arranger for their live shows.

Source: Dazed

After they disbanded, she focused on crafting her art of songwriting while shuffling through various jobs which resulted in her releasing Antidotes 1 in 2o19, which you can check out below:

Lucinda’s career continued to grow as she became FKA Twig’s live band’s cellist, performing at music festivals worldwide while continuously blossoming into a respectable musician.
Lucinda Chua joins FKA Twigs and Kelly Moran in a performance for Valentino FW2020 (Source: Scoopnest)

On this upcoming EP and her daunting orchestral arrangements, Lucinda took a dive deeper into her music vocabulary exploring different haunting instrumental textures, touching on the subject of absence.

“I really like space and the feeling of absence,” she says. “I like the idea that you wouldn’t have realised that you missed something until it was gone. That’s the power of taking things away; you can create this feeling of loss. Rather than making things louder, you can be really powerful by being quiet.”

Watch the music video for ‘Before I Fall’ here:

Antidotes 2 is out digitally on 7 May. A special vinyl edition of Antidotes will include both EPs and will be released soon [date TBC]. Pre-order here.