Brindha Kumar’s Cheeky Digital Prints

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The general attraction to the work of artist Brindha Kumar, a London College of Communication (LCC) graduate, is the vivid combination of colours and patterns in her illustrations, as they may oppose or complement one another. Additionally, there’s a tinge of cheekiness and humour that’s imbued in her work, giving her designs a lively, fun personality.

Brindha’s interest in art was nurtured by an artistic mother who would accompany her as she drew when she was a young child of five or six years old. “Travelling also plays a huge role in my inspiration, being able to experience different cultures and ways of life,” she shared. However, following a multitude of creative talents – be it street artists, collectives, or design studios – doubles as a continual source of ideas and motivation that propels her to be a better illustrator.

Furthermore, she refers to her decision to complete her final year in LCC to be one of the best decisions she has ever made, as she explained, “It opened my mind to endless possibilities. I have definitely expanded creatively and really pushed my lateral thinking.” Among her variety of work, ‘Sudah Makan’ is the title of her final major degree project in which she exhibited our culture of food and love of eating in her signature technicolour.

Here are some of her work:



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