Bremen Wong’s Headdress Exhibition: Beauty and Power @ Saindera Gallery


Bremen Wong is a versatile milliner – his designs range from ready to wear to elaborate avant garde pieces that can only be worn editorially or displayed at a gallery for the works of art that they are. And deservedly so, Bremen’s magnificent headpieces are currently exhibited at the Saindera Gallery, National Textile Museum till the next year.

Entitled Beauty and Power, the featured designs are said to be inspired by metaphysical forces such as humanity and spirituality – large topics of discussion. The designer adds, “…while I am a practising Buddhist, all religions and their inherent goodness inspire me. I always create with my heart, and I believe that that’s the best way to approach anything – to put in all the effort you can muster and in between process and progress, to not expect results.”

Take a look inside the exhibition below:

IMG_3053 IMG_3027 IMG_3038

The exhibition will run until Saturday 25 February 2017 at Saindera Gallery, National Textile Museum.