‘Break-Up On V-Day’ Gift Ideas To Help Take Your Relationship To The Previous Level

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Love comes in all shapes and forms, and sometimes, the greatest gesture is simply letting go. We may sound like your manipulative ex right now, but while you’re waiting for them to un-ghost you, here’s a fun read.

Sure, picking out the perfect gift for your Valentine can be difficult, but what do you do when the annual capitalistic day of romance comes around and a break-up is all that’s on your mind?

We suggest breaking the news over a thoughtful gift to remind them that they’re perfect in every way, just not for you.

Check out our 9 genius ideas:

1. A journal

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So your soon-to-be Ex can write about all the good times.

Who are you kidding? It’s for them to pen down their hate for you and get a book deal and some money out of it. Throw in some cheesy Wattpad-esque lines and you might even get a whole movie based on your failed romance.

2. Money

source: Financial Times

Be practical. You know you’re going to do damage. At least PAY FOR IT. Consider it a severance fee.

3. Sexy Underwear

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To let them know they were great lovers but you are looking for something more than sex. However, their genitals should not be wasted on unrequited love. You could also serve them homemade pancakes one last time.

4. Pancakes

source: All Recipes

Nothing says “it was good while it lasted but you just don’t mean anything to me anymore” more than pancakes. Your soon-to-be Ex meant nothing to you and this is your way of telling them their personality is flat.

A serving of salted butter is also recommended if hard feelings are involved.

5. A voodoo doll

source: Gaia

Self explanatory. Our writer Lara sells them, but here’s her DIY guide to making one if you’re craving a personal touch. How thoughtful of you.

6. Tissues

source: FreePik

You heartless animal! This is worse than pancakes.

7. A ticket to travel the world

source: 123RF

Now your Ex can have their Eat, Pray, Love experience… on a budget! We personally suggest overlooking the Bosphorus Strait while bawling they bawl their eyes out.

8. A new partner

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Give them a nice cushion to comfort their fall from your loving grace. If they hit it off, that’s guaranteed to totally save you from their stalking.

Just prepare yourself for the upcoming “it doesn’t matter who hurt you, what matters is who made you smile again” Insta captions.

9. Nothing

Most people don’t give presents to their partners when they break-up. They just leave them. Take my ex, for instance. Jake if you’re reading this pls take me back…

Happy V-Day to all the couples and singles out there that know what real love is about! ❤️