Bollywood Filmmaker Wants to Make Movie about Tun Mahathir and PH’s Victory

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Ever since the Mother of All Elections went down, Malaysians have been discussing about how the recent historic moment should be memorialised into a movie.. because it’s all so surreal. Well, our prayers have been answered!

Raman Kumar, a 73 year old director is the person you should thank because he is planning to make a movie about Tun Mahathir’s return as the seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia. But wait just a sec… there’s a catch. Kumar is actually a Bollywood filmmaker which goes to show just how impactful the Malaysian Spring was, internationally.

So does that mean we’ll be seeing Rosmah putting her singing skills to actual use? Hopefully not…


Being a 92 year old Prime Minister returning to office has gained Tun M the attention of not only fellow Malaysians but an international audience. Many abroad views Tun M as the saviour of Malaysia, a country which was drowning from corruption and mismanagement.

When asked the reason behind wanting to make a movie about our current Prime Minister, Kumar said: “I want to direct and produce this movie because Dr Mahathir, at 92, has brought Malaysians together in what proved to be a victorious election (for him and his coalition).”

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The movie will focus on “political intrigues” presenting Tun M as the liberator of Malaysia in a campaign against corruption. Kumar was inspired by Tun M and wants to show how the nonagenarian, even at 92 years old, used his “common sense, wisdom and 22-year experience as prime minister from 1981 to 2003” to win the 14th General Election.

Kumar was moved by how under Tun M’s leadership, Pakatan Harapan succeeded in bringing together a multiracial nation to dethrone Barisan Nasional as government for the past 61 years. The way Malaysians strongly felt the moment when the opposition won is an extraordinary story to tell.

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He added that, “Malaysia was reborn. May 9 was a new day. Malaysia has been given a new chance.” Much research and thought are being put into making this film a reality and to portray Dr. Mahathir’s colourful character and his story.

He even gave away the tentative title–Malaysia’s Saviour Mahathir–and mentioned that the movie would be in Hindi but dubbed to Malay and English. A Malaysian scriptwriter, M Krishnamoorthy has been employed. Having a keen eye on the politics of Malaysia, Krishnamoorthy is a journalist and an associate professor by profession.

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The cast will also be made up of Malaysia thespians but the film crew will be imported from Mumbai. Nevertheless, we really hope this movie becomes a big success and wins many award (maybe even an Oscar for Best Foreign Film?). We Malaysians will be blessed as we get to relive this historic moment that we were a part of over and over again! And hopefully with songs and dancing too.

Are you excited to see the outcome of this movie? Let us know below.