BLACKPINK Receives Mixed Reactions from Fans After Telling London Audience To Put Phones Down

source: Live Nation Malaysia

A few days after BLACKPINK’s concert in London, a BLINK posted on her TikTok a video of the K-Pop girl group telling fans to put their phones down.

The text in the video says, “The Blackpink London day 1 crowd was so dead that they literally had to threaten to not come back, to tell people to stand up and to get off their phones.”


@elizeymirza I felt so bad for them the crowd was not giving :((( #blackpinkofficial #blackpinkinyourarea #blackpink #kpopconcert #blackpinklondon ♬ Shut Down – BLACKPINK

The 20-second video shows three different clips. In the first clip, Jennie says, “We would like to see BLINKS’ face, not their phones. We would like to make eye contact and sing our songs together.” 

The video cuts to another clip of Jennie saying, “We wanna be back here in London, so show us what you got!” 

The last clip cuts to Rosé telling the audience that she “wants to see more lightsticks up.” As the crowd cheers and BLINKS put their lightsticks up, she says “Yes, that’s exactly what we want!”


On Twitter, there has been a mix of reactions from BLINKS and fellow Twitter users regarding the video. 

That is just sad, that your artist gotta tell y’all to put the phones down and hype them up like Blackpink don’t deserve that [at] all, those girls worked too hard to be having to deal with that,” wrote a user.

In a contrasting tweet, a BLINK wrote, “I’m literally a blink but honestly she’s kinda annoying for that. They barely go on tour (this will prob be the last tour) and people pay hundreds, so whether they choose to record the entire thing or not, is up to concert-goers.”

Another BLINK replied to the original post by Pop Crave, saying “I mean look at how fun it is when everyone is not using their phones,” and attached a video from a BLINK who attended one of their previous concerts. 


Will forever hate that crowd for ruining my concert experience. Got told to sit down because of people recording on their phones despite Jennie telling us multiple times to stand up and dance with them and not to be shy. They came to London after 3.5 years and for what?? Smh. (Shaking my head),” replied a fan who attended the concert.

Curing the chronically online, what a queen,” said a fan.

According to TikTok and Twitter users, the second day of the Born Pink World Tour in London went much better, as the crowd was louder, more interactive, and more enthusiastic.

BLACKPINK will definitely be coming back to London, then.