Black Jesus Has Risen

source: Black Jesus

The second coming is here and ‘sall good and well f*cking hilarious. Adult Swim’s latest Black Jesus came through last week and we definitely recommend you watching it! Make sure you tune into it with an open mind though, lest you accuse us of blasphemy (lols). Having the highest ratings among the other new shows on the network, it was reported that Black Jesus garnered more than 2 million viewers (feeling left out now?). The show surrounds a rude, vulgar yet goodhearted African-American who apparently is the second coming of Jesus Christ that’s living in present day Compton. Follow the Lord’s son in his hilarious antics to save the people around him and bring peace to the world, all while being disrespected by YouTube-worthy angry black women.

Check out the trailer below:

Tune into Black Jesus on Adult Swim here.