BIG MOUTH Advertises the Art of Playfulness

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source: BIG MOUTH

Text The New Forward

The digital illustrations of Johnny Ong, who goes by the moniker BIG MOUTH, heavily incorporates his background in advertising. Instead of masking what’s trying to be expressed, like it so often happens in art, BIG MOUTH’s punchy comic-style drawings wear its clever, fun, and playful messages on its sleeve.

His name BIG MOUTH is his embracing of a nickname that stuck from childhood when his friends used to make fun of him for literally having a big mouth in addition to actually talking a lot.

A graduate of Dasein Academy of Art, BIG MOUTH is currently a freelance graphic artist and visualiser who’s always open for hire. Check him out.

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Big Mouth is featured in Perspective on The New Forward, where artists answer interviews through drawings. Feast your eyes on their awesome responses at

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