Ben Khan: ‘Eden’

This decade has proven itself to be quite the age of bedroom producers and singers, especially in the UK. Ben Khan, fresh off the fantastic ‘Drive (Part 1)’ some months ago, is the latest in line to delineate that particular scene’s ever expanding canon. While AlunaGeorge provides poppy beats informed by UK garage and vocals influenced by the early noughties’ r’n’b, and The xx is a modern continuation of where bands like Joy Division and The Cure left off, Ben Khan imbues the bedroom scene with some much needed soul. The result is something that sounds like Jai Paul had his music been produced Matthew Dear – a darker, dirtier kind of soul. On latest track ‘Eden’, Ben Khan sings vague religious lyrics over grimy synths, blared horns, and Prince-y guitar loops. It might not be ‘Drive (Part 2)’ like fans had expected, but we dare say that ‘Eden’ is better off that way – 2 minutes and a half long or not.

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