Before You Get The Kink For The Ink, You Gotta Know What You’re In For…

When it comes to getting inked, sure, the idea of it seems really bad-ass and looks Instagram worthy, but it ain’t all fun and happy once you start regretting that permanent mark on your body. On top of that, we live in a society where tats and professions just don’t go hand in hand (and we don’t know why it has to be that way either).


Then there are those who just shoots non-solidified facts out of their (hehe) because they didn’t bother reading the science behind getting tattoos, thus, causing unnecessary fear among those who wish to get inked. So for all the loud-mouth haters spreading false myths about tattoos, here’s a list that will give you a short reality check (thanks to Platinum Ink).

1. Taking a painkiller before getting inked.

Ok, so we know that getting tatted isn’t just a one-shot needle through the skin, it’s a repetitive dabbing on the skin.


How painkillers work is that when a certain part of your body is injured (like your skin), your pain receptor will send out messages to your brain through special nerve endings. Painkillers will basically interfere with those messages, either at the site of your injury in your spinal cord or brain itself. In this case, painkillers shouldn’t be taken because they’ll ultimately cause more bleeding. They are blood thinners; so when you’re bleeding out, the blood isn’t thick enough for the normal clotting process so you’ll end up in more pain.

2. You can’t donate your blood if you are inked

First of all, I’m offended. I know we are all messed up human beings, but how are we going to feel less bad about ourselves if we can’t donate? Well, let me tell you that whoever told you this, are LIARS.


According to The American Red Cross, you are still able to donate your blood if you were tattooed at a shop that’s state regulated. Just make sure your tattoo artist uses sterilised machines (most certified local tattoo artists do), and you’re good to go!


3. You can contract diseases through infected tattoo needles

Well, if you were smart enough and not stingy with your money (cause good tats cost good money) you’d be safe from diseases – especially if you go to a licensed parlour. The most common disease that people associate with tattoos is HIV. However, there has been no reported cases of people contracting HIV from a tattoo in the US until this date.


4. Once you get a coloured ink, you can’t remove it.

Some people clearly underestimate the power of advanced science and technology. If it’s possible to remove a normal black tattoo, what’s the difference between removing a coloured one? The only difference is that it’ll be harder to remove, hence more removal sessions.

(source: Pinterest)

5. Swimming can cause your tattoo colour to fade.

Ready for another surprise? Well, if you think about it LOGICALLY, the tattoo ink is sunken deep into your skin, and not on the surface. So there’s no way swimming pool water, or even water in general can penetrate through your skin. The only time you should be avoiding water is when you’re still freshly tatted.


6. Getting inked is more painful than giving birth

I have a question for the males out there who thinks this myth is true. Have you ever experienced childbirth? Will you ever experience it? No. As far as your childbirth journey goes, it’s just you implanting your seed in the chick. But, I’d assume that that’s more pleasurable than painful.


The level of pain you’ll face when getting tatted depends on what art you’re going for and the areas you want it to be. Of course it’ll be more painful if you’re tatted over a thinner layer of the skin, but in no way can it be compared to giving birth.


After debunking these tattoo myths for you, now do you feel comfortable getting one now?