Beat the Heat and Chill at the Coolest Bar in Town for a Taste of the All-New Tiger Crystal

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(source: Bonnie Yap/Tiger Malaysia)

Are you craving a beer that’s extra refreshing to beat the heat? You’re in luck, ’cause Tiger Beer is launching its new Tiger Crystal at Publika Shopping Gallery this August!

Here are the event details:

Date: 9 – 10 August 2019
Time: 7pm ’til late
Venue: The Square, Publika Shopping Gallery

(source: Tiger Beer Malaysia)

Featuring a special pop-up style bar in Publika’s famous open event space, The Square, Tiger Crystal will be served in the ‘The Coolest Bar In Town’

What makes Tiger Crystal different from regular beer?

(source: Bonnie Yap/Tiger Malaysia)

Tiger Crystal is a new, easy-to-drink lager from Tiger Beer that’s perfect to enjoy all night long!

It’s also less bitter

(source: Tiger Beer)

Now anytime you want to enjoy a beer or two with friends but want something more sessionable, you can grab a cool pint of Tiger Crystal for the ultimate refreshment!

Whether you’re at a party, chilling at a BBQ, or just unwinding at the end of the day, Tiger Crystal is the perfect thirst-quencher.

Tiger Crystal is made using state-of-the-art brewing technology

(source: Bonnie Yap/Tiger Malaysia)

Tiger Crystal gets its awesome, crisp taste using a special filtering process that puts the ingredients through -1ºC cooling temperatures, which locks in all the flavour and aromas.

Photo used for illustration purposes only. (source: Getty Images)

Combining this crystal-cold filtration with light-stable hops also makes Tiger Crystal much less bitter than regular beer, meaning it poses an easier introduction to lager itself. 

You can also catch awesome live performances while you’re there

(source:Kaya (The Band)/Facebook, Streething, & An Honest Mistake/Facebook | Edited By SAYS)

Don’t miss performances by Kaya Band, DJ Bunga, An Honest Mistake, Kent Lee, and many more! 

Don’t forget to feast on all the mouth-watering food as well

Image via Bacon It/Facebook, MyBurgerLab, & @themaplekitchen/Instagram | Edited By SAYS

We’ll see the return of some of Tiger’s most popular street food vendors such as MyBurgerLab, MyBobaLab, Bacon It, and The Social!

Head over to The Square in Publika Shopping Gallery on 9 and 10 August for a fun night out at the ‘coolest’ bar in town! Click here and register to get 2 FREE bottles of Tiger Crystal now.

(source: Tiger Beer Malaysia)

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