Be Found @ Thirst and Play Alongside Tiësto!

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Bedroom DJs, pay attention. Here’s an opportunity to transition from holding a podcast with little to no listeners to actually playing live to a crowd of thousands, Heineken is holding another Found @ Thirst DJ competition! With reputable alumni that range from the now ubiquitous DJ Blink to last year’s Phil K Lee, the competition has proven itself as the easiest way to cheat your way to fame (provided you have the talent).

As per tradition, this year’s edition offers a whopping RM10k in cash to the winner. In addition to that the winner will also get an introductory DJ course at Mile High Sounds DJ Academy, professional media grooming sessions, their own Heineken Green Space party with up to 150 invites for friends and other prizes from sponsors. In short, the winner will win a chance to be treated like a real DJ – to complete this metamorphosis from bedroom to stage, they will also get a 30-minute opening set at Heineken Thirst alongside past winners DJ Blink and Phil K Lee AND DJ Tiësto!

To join, upload 10 minutes worth of video of your live set on YouTube or any other video sharing site along with a 20-minute audio mix posted on Soundcloud or other similar sites and complete the form here along with the URL here. It’s not enough to just hear you mix, they need to see if you can perform too.

Curious of how life is like for past winners? Just look at Blink’s current career or watch the video below of Phil K Lee’s journey post-Found @ Thirst.

Contest ends on 17 November 2011, so get cracking pronto! Find more info on Thirst and Found @ Thirst at