AXA eMedic: Affordable Insurance Made for Millennials

In this day and age everything we need is at the tip of our fingers, or as realists say, our phones. Our phones have become an extension of ourselves, almost everything that we could need for our everyday lives have become so much more accessible because of this tiny device that fits in our palms and pockets.

We are all on this rollercoaster called “life” but how prepared are we for what’s to come? Health is an asset we take for granted when we’re young, so it’s important to protect this asset as soon as we’re financially capable. Yet many neglect to do so in this age of fast living… Well, don’t sweat – AXA eMedic will have our backs! It’s fast, easy and affordable.. What else could we want?

AXA eMedic is available for those aged between 15 days (yup, parents can get this for their newborns too) to 39 years old, renewable up to the age 80 years young, with an annual limit of up to RM100,000 making it easily the most ideal plan for us and our loved ones when we’re in search for our first or supplementary medical protection. As a standalone online medical insurance that will ensure that we have affordable and easily accessible protection against the rising costs of medical fees, it was created specially for our age bracket, because we need everything on hand (I mean, on our phones).

So why should we all get AXA eMedic?

1. Simple online application
Apply online by answering a few simple questions – no medical checkups are required. No requirement of medical checkups = more convenience for all of us.

2. Affordable premium
Ample protection with premiums as low as RM37 a month for an annual limit of RM100,000. So we’re practically paying about RM1+ a day.

3. Lower premium
If we choose to pay our premium annually or choose the deductible option, we’ll be able to enjoy more savings.

4. Cashless admission at panel hospitals
Get quick access to medical care by presenting the online medical card for hospital admission. The service is fully online, ‘cos.. we’re living in 2018. Plus, online = more environmentally friendly.

5. No lifetime limit
There will be no reduction in our coverage eligibility up till the age of 80.

To find out more about AXA Affin Life Insurance eMedic card head over to their website