We Tried Jamaican Premium Coffee and We Loved It..

Coffee lovers, this is the café for you. At Jamaica Blue, you are not only restricted to one kind of premium coffee bean but can choose from 3 types of coffee bean which are their signature blend, seasonal single origin and Blue Mountain.

Jamaica Blue’s Signature Blend is an award-winning coffee as it consists of the finest Arabica beans from six of the world’s best coffee growing regions which are South America, Africa, Pacific Rim, Central America, India and Jamaica.

(Source: Jamaica Blue’s Malaysia Facebook Page)

However, their uniqueness lays on the shop’s name itself which is named after the blue mountain coffee bean that is found in Jamaica. These coffee beans are one of the world’s best and rarest coffee beans as they only grow at a certain altitude on the Blue Mountain. Now, that’s one high-class coffee bean.

(Source: Jamaica Blue’s Malaysia Facebook Page)

Their coffee is focused on the quality to get the best taste out of it. It is medium roasted so that there is a balance of being not too acidic or not too bitter. Their signature blend is creamy with a delicate chocolate after taste and the Blue Mountain coffee is sweet with a crisp finish.

Enough about their excellent coffee choices; now let’s move on to the real talk, the food! Like their coffees, their food choices are also focused on the quality. Jamaica Blue’s signature harvest healthy range menu dishes are curated by nutritionists who work together with their R&D in Australia where the brand originates, to give the best of taste and balance to their customers.

Our personal favourite is the Warm Forest Mushroom, Fetta & Spinach Bowl. Although it is made from healthy ingredients like Quinoa which is a superfood, the taste is absolutely well blended together and almost tastes as if you’re having briyani but way healthier. Who doesn’t love a good briyani?

They have a variety of food choices which are classics but comes with a twist such as their pastas, sandwiches, pies and breakfast options to satisfy all kinds of hungers. You won’t be disappointed as all their food is packed with flavours and it is reasonably priced too.

Not forgetting dessert, we got to try their homemade lemon curd slice which was just perfect as it was not too sweet but still scrumptious.

If you are looking for a place to escape, just go to Jamaica Blue where you can relax and have a cup of coffee while working on your laptop. Their café gives a little taste of Jamaica through the ambience, warm food and beverages. They’re located at Mid Valley Megamall, Melawati Mall, Setia City Mall, Seremban Gateway and The Robertson.

Check out their website or Facebook Page for more information.