Autism-Friendly Playgroup For Kids On The Spectrum Provides Free Movie Screening & Other Activities

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Every year, especially during the span of World Autism Awareness month, it’s crucial to provide a safe space in order to show our support and solidarity towards the neurodivergent community.

We are firm believers of proving our support through tangible action by uplifting the community and spreading awareness on autism and its various unspoken nuances.

Many organisations have shown their support over the years, most notably one in particular, SAYS, a social news platform that has recently channeled their support through their inclusive playgroup which was held at GSC, 3 Damansara on May 14.

In collaboration with GSC and The Early Autism Project, the special event included 30 families with children on the spectrum. Attendees were treated to many fun activities with a celebrated free screening of the latest box office hit, The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

There, attendees were treated to full access for their playground, which includes slides, ball pits, wooden climbing gyms and other fun family-friendly activities.

To commemorate World Autism Awareness month, The Early Autism Project booths at the event provided free autism pre-screenings, autism education, merchandise and information on their online portal.

Nurturing the creativity of the children in attendance, SAYS had an Arts & Craft station where children could make Mario and Luigi origami hats as well as enjoy colouring sheets. To make matters more fun, there was a Mario-themed photo booth which allowed families to bring home pictures as keepsakes.

From balloon booths to laser guns and monkeys holding bananas, the event promised fun at every corner.

SAYS has been known for championing autism awareness through their landing page on their website as well as various videos and articles on the subject.

To know more, you can learn about it here.