What Went Down: Foster The People Live in Malaysia @ KLCC

IMAGE PR Worldwide The first Friday the 13th of 2012 (there’s another in April, and another in July) was truly frightening. The night was complete with ear-shattering screams, frenzied stampeding and the most horrifying thing of them all… a zombie convention! Well, alright. So there were no zombies on Friday the 13th, but there were […]


Foster The People Live in Malaysia @ KLCC

IMAGES PR Worldwide + Kate Ng


Goth-Trad : New Epoch In Dubstep

Japanese dubgod Goth-Trad elucidates us on the scene in Japan, his introduction to the scene, and new album New Epoch.


Arctic Monkeys: ‘Black Treacle’

A greaser (who doubles as a pimp), a convict, a runaway bride, floating objects and a latex dress all feature into Arctic Monkey’s newest video of their soon-to-be released single, ‘Black Treacle’ from their album Suck It And See.  Directed by Focus Creep and filmed in Sheffield and Los Angeles, the video has a very […]


Cults: Drink The Kool-Aid

JUICE caught up with one of the fresher acts performing at next month’s Laneway — indie-popsters Cults.