Arctic Monkeys: ‘Black Treacle’

A greaser (who doubles as a pimp), a convict, a runaway bride, floating objects and a latex dress all feature into Arctic Monkey’s newest video of their soon-to-be released single, ‘Black Treacle’ from their album Suck It And See.  Directed by Focus Creep and filmed in Sheffield and Los Angeles, the video has a very bada** theme running through it. It’s almost an R-rated mashup between the movies Grease and Holes, and hardly makes any sense at all, but it’s so visually pleasing that you probably won’t mind the fact that you don’t understand why the bride is looking so lost, and why is the convict suddenly getting a secret mic taped to his body, and whoa, look at that a**! Alex Turner fans will be pleased to see the lead singer looking very rugged in his 1950’s greaser-style hair and leather jacket, which compliments his distinctive drawl. The song itself makes you want to don ripped jeans and singlets and drive a convertible into the horizon in Aviators, with a cigarette dangling from the side of your mouth. So turn up the volume and enjoy the gorgeous video. Just don’t try too hard to analyse it, you might just end up even more confused than you were before.