Savages: Primal Energy

JUICE speaks to Savages’ Jehnny Beth about the disquieting power of their debut, Silence Yourself, and the unflinching nature of their art.


Graham Perkins: Keeping Rock’n’Roll Alive

Fender’s illustrious history in the US and the UK is ingrained within their guitar-obsessed music cultures, and just as we know that rock’n’roll is forever, so too will the Fender legacy endure in the years and decades to come.


Fender: Guitar Heroes

Even if you aren’t a musician yourself, you’d probably have heard of the legendary guitar brand that is Fender


Tegan & Sara: The Good Goes Here

This duo has had a gradual shift from indie pop to more electronic pastures, a move that would solidified in their latest effort, Heartthrob! We discussed Tegan And Sara’s new phase with Tegan here.


Mew: Comforted

Here’s a little peek into Mew’s magic, via guitarist Bo Madsen.


Explosions in the Sky: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

As far as post rock essentials go, you’d likely find Explosions in the Sky (EITS) near the top of every list. JUICE speaks to guitarist Mark Smith about the inspiration behind their albums and soundtracks.


Cyndi Lauper: Still Having Fun

Cyndi Lauper once told us that ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’, and amazingly enough, the ageless It-girl is still sticking by that motto all these years later.


Shabazz Palaces: Float Like Butterfly

Sub Pop’s always been a beloved indie label, so their first venture into the world of hip hop may have seemed like a risky proposition. But truthfully, folks should’ve already known that the Seattle label has impeccable taste. Of course their first hip hop signing – alt-rap crew Shabazz Palaces – was bound to be […]


Wavves: Forever Young

Surf rock poster boys Wavves have scaled tsunami peaks with their latest album titled, ironically enough, Afraid of Heights. Nathan Williams and hi lo-fi luminaries have channelled their youthful nihilism into something surprisingly ambitious and much larger than their back catalogue. While their last three albums have breezed along on sunny poly-harmony and washed-out snappiness, […]


Grimes: Visionary

Grimes was possibly one of the smartest music acts JUICE ever interviewed