Matt Healy and The Problematic Curse of the Manchester Band Frontman

The 1975’s disastrous final show that closed out the recent Good Vibes Festival has been a point of contention across the internet. Members of JUICE had a front-row view as The 1975’s frontman, Matt Healy, had a full-blown meltdown before being booted off stage.  Watch a snippet of his temper tantrum below: Longtime fans of […]


Malaysia-based German DJ-Producer CEE Finds His Way Through LIVE

Jungle dweller and all-around electronic maverick CEE discovers Ableton Live 10.


There’s No Substitute for Emotions in Music

Edric Hwang, of GYRD studios, breaks down 5 myths about music production rookies tend to believe.


Fender: Guitar Heroes

Even if you aren’t a musician yourself, you’d probably have heard of the legendary guitar brand that is Fender


Detonate: L-Vis 1990

In a scene where repetition rules not just the loops in a beat, but the similarity in the acts as well, it’s easy for everyone to lay claim to breaking the mould. Dance producer/DJ L-Vis 1990, is just the kind of act to do that, but here’s the key difference between him and other braggadocious acts – L-Vis 1990 does subvert genre conventions.


Music Production

Get schooled on music production by Greg Henderson


Nuclear Blast

Markus Staiger had his way with German metal label


Shock Rock

The nasty truth about Shock Rock


The Lava Lamp

Get groovy with the mother of all stress relievers


Pop Yeh Yeh

Forget about bands, start your own kugiran