Gesaffelstein: Aleph

Yes, he may have produced Kanye West’s ‘Black Skinhead’ and ‘Send It Up’, but on his own – as the purported dark prince of techno – his debut is an intense introduction to his own take on varied genres of electronic music.

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Getting a Job Doesn’t Have to Suck… Continue Partying and Get Paid!

Now, seriously, if you know every bar in town, have an active social life and the right connections with DJs and other cool cats, and if you’re looking for a real job managing an international brand, you might wanna check out what Red Bull has to offer.


Win a Pair of Passes to Upfront Pres. Mac DeMarco

JUICE’s favourite Canadian rocker is coming to town this coming Monday, we want you guys to be there too!


Heineken Thirst x JUICE Pre Party Remixes: DANGERDISKO x +2dB

To make it interesting we thought we’d ask DANGERDISKO and +2dB to remix each other’s tracks. Not to see who’s better. Just for fun.


What Went Down: Asahi Pres. JUICE 11th Anniversary feat. Mad Decent @ Stage Club

If you missed the awesome night, you’d probably wanna take a look at what you’ve missed out on JUICE’s 11th Anniversary.