Mount Kimbie: Giving Voice to Crooks & Lovers

We spoke to Mount Kimbie’s Dom on everything from the long gone glory days of dubstep to their disapproval of the term ‘organic’ to describe their sophomore.


Gigamesh: Cooler Than You

Gigamesh revealed he’s not one to be pigeonholed as just a ‘remix guy’ or ‘that DJ’, his affinity for sci-fi, thoughts on being a producer versus a DJ, and inadvertently slipped in his dislike of the dubstep scene in his hometown.


Death Grips: Government Plates

Death Grips’ seemingly unrelenting quest to provoke might just make them the most important music act in the independent scene.


Sampha: Duality

Ever since Sampha’s smoky, restrained falsetto registered on SBTRKT’s debut LP, he marked a quieter presage of the r’n’b renaissance that came post-Frank Ocean and The Weeknd.


VIDEO: EMA’s ‘Satellites’

The future is a promising dystopia.

Last Word

WordsManifest: Does Reality Bore You?

We thought who better to rant about the reality of the people in magazines vis-à-vis the people in the streets than our former resident grumpy geriatric.


Chase & Status: Brand New Machine

We caught up with Status, aka Will Kennard, from the dynamic duo to talk shop and standard fare chit-chat.


Designer Drugs: R-Rated

JUICE snuck in backstage during a particularly rowdy party for a lengthy non-PG13 convo with Designer Drugs that spanned everything from the quintessential party drug and their label woes.



The synths are sharp and playful, the vocals fluctuate in pitch to infantile level, and the chorus reeks of innocence – why the hell is this called ‘WHOREHOUSE’, again?