AUDIOVISUAL: Zulamran Hilmi’s Diversity

source: Zulamran Hilmi

If you keep your eyes peeled enough, you’d definitely have seen Zulamran Hilmi’s art around the Klang Valley scene; be it Killeur Calculateur’s Book of Flags album art, visuals for performers at a multitude of events, or even radio show Into The Blue’s snazzy new visual identity. As a confessed closet narcissist, the visuals of his work are largely derived from reflections of his own life, further noting that his non-conservative upbringing where he spent his childhood on a copious amount of sci-fi media shaped his design profile as well as his perspective on life. A firm believer of the ethos “less is more,” Zulamran continues to experiment and try new techniques to hone his craft as many would trust him wholly to develop a visual piece for them. Currently, he still continues his working relationship with long-time collaborator and musician Adam Kasturi — crafting the visuals for the man’s new album AMOK — and works to generate content for GOASEAN—the world’s first ASEAN travel channel.

Have a look at a few stills below:

source: Zulamran Hilmi source: Zulamran Hilmi

… and video work below: