AUDIOVISUAL: Muhammad Syahman’s Geometric Edges

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source: Muhammad Syahman

Going by a few monikers such as Furin and Fukarinka, Nero One is indubitably how we have come to know him – thanks to his dark, futuristic art. Syahman explains that Nero One is an audiovisual label he has given himself that includes live visuals, projection mapping, and a sound that is reflective of his design aesthetic, just as the audio would influence his artwork as well. As he did the visuals for VMPRMYTH as well as +2db during their joint album launch, Syahman’s punishing, ominous compositions have gotten the attention of the aforementioned Akhyla head honcho (VMPRMYTH) and right hand man Nemo, so much so that they invited him to join them during the early days of the collective. Most recently, he worked on AVIX – an audiovisual art installation project for the International Multidisciplinary Media Arts Festival that went on early this month.

Check out some of Syahman’s visuals below:

Listen to Syahman’s music as Nero One below:

And watch a video of his latest installation AVIX below:

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