AUDIOVISUAL: Fauzi Yusoff’s Virtuosity

source: Fauzi Yusoff

Fauzi is a maestro of creating lively audiovisual performances as he finds a motivating challenge in sharing his artistic intent for his audience to absorb and interpret. The director of EFOZY—a prolific visual label—generally utilises ambient, techno, and glitch music to shape his visual output, forming a distinctive late ‘90s-informed lines and grids as his visual identity. Though he leaves it up to the professionals to produce the audio, Fauzi continually experiments with making visuals in one of his collaborative AV groups called Sound Love Affair (SLA). Furthermore, Fauzi tells us that there are two types of AV performances, namely live visual or VJ, where visuals are produced from the remixes of the live music mentally digested with software and MIDI controller. Then there’s live cinema such as ETHNICITY.LIVE, where it melds culture and tradition with new mixed media techniques.

Watch Fauzi’s work with SLA below:

And his visual portfolio below: