Asahi Malaysia Pres. JUICE Curates: ‘The Party’s Over, Put Your Pants Back On’ Mix by Mmmeng

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source: Mmmeng

We don’t want you to just listen to the mix. Being a bunch of sadists, we want the selected DJs to have an inflated/bruised ego, so we want you to rate it as well! All jokes aside, being somewhat of a taste documenter, we want to know what you think of the mix in the simplest way possible. Just listen to it first, then download the mix by clicking the Pay with a Tweet button above, tweet it, and rate the mix in the tweet itself. And you know what? To encourage participation, Asahi Malaysia is giving away prizes to a lucky sod whose tweet includes a rating of the mixtape and the hashtag #AsahiPresentsJUICECurates. Free swag just from listening to a mix? Can’t get any simpler than that. 

I’ve been asked, more than a couple times, to do mixes for a friend of a friend’s birthday party; a fashion show or a workout programme. It’s flattering to be in the minds of those who need a mixtape done but these requests usually come with very detailed specifications; to be included in the mix – “Some oldies, some r’n’b and also put in some sexy house.”

What the f*ck is ‘sexy house’ anyways? And why don’t you just do the mix yourself since you seem to have a pretty good idea how it’s going to turn out.

When JUICE approached me to do a mix, before I could even ask, I was told I could play anything I wanted. Bingo!

The Party’s Over, Put Your Pants Back On mix is exactly what the title suggests – the party is over, put your pants back on but it doesn’t mean your journey home has to be a boring one.  This mix is your musical companion for that drive home. Nothing too heavy like what you’ve been putting up with all night and nothing to chill out that’ll put you to sleep right away.



  • Chromatics – The Telephone Call
  • The Stone Roses – Shoot You Down (Soul Hooligans Remix)
  • The Jet Age of Tomorrow – Want You Still (ft. Kilo Kish)
  • Jamiroquai/Notorious BIG – Notorious Insanity
  • JVC Force – We Got Our Own Thing
  • 5 Reasons – Nitelights (Original Mix)
  • Chromeo Feat. Ezra Koenig – I Could Be Wrong
  • Moullinex – Take My Pain Away
  • Justice – Helix (B-Side Edit)
  • Cut Copy – Future (Chromeo Remix)
  • Yacht – Psychic City (Classixx Remix)
  • Les Rythmes Digitales – (Hey You) What’s That Sound?
  • In Flagranti – Brash & Vulgar (Disco 3000 Edit)
  • The Cardigans – Carnival 

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