Asahi Malaysia Pres. JUICE Curates: ‘Staying True’ by Notion A

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source: Notion A

We don’t want you to just listen to the mix. Being a bunch of sadists, we want the selected DJs to have an inflated/bruised ego, so we want you to rate it as well! All jokes aside, being somewhat of a taste documenter, we want to know what you think of the mix in the simplest way possible. Just listen to it first, then download the mix by clicking the Pay with a Tweet button above, tweet it, and rate the mix in the tweet itself. And you know what? To encourage participation, Asahi Malaysia is giving away a crate of beer to one lucky sod whose tweet includes a rating of the mixtape, download link, and the hashtag #AsahiPresentsJUICECurates. Free booze just from listening to a mix? Can’t get any simpler than that.

What is techno? Does it even mean anything to anyone? A sound that emerged in Detroit during the ‘80s is now everywhere. There will always be this group of people who are pushing, believing in the sound of techno. Those are the believers. Techno is the music of visionaries. Techno is a religion, a philosophy. Techno exists within those who understand and appreciate it. So where does techno sit today?

This mix goes out to all the techno heads who have been in this ‘mess’. The tracks in this mix are some of my all-time favourites. Tracks that moved and touched many – the sound of the future that it will always be.

I would like to thank JUICE for inviting me to contribute a mix on their new page, Asahi Malaysia Presents JUICE Curates. Keep it real!

01. Ben Klock feat. Elif Biçer – Goodly Sin (Robert Hood Remix) [Ostgut Ton]
02. Anil Chawla – Loop 3 [Nervous Records]
03. Jeff Mills – Automatic [Purpose Maker]
04. Jerome Sydenham – Push To Enter [Drumcode]
05. Joris Voorn – MPX309 [Green]
06. Robert Babicz – Dark Flower (Joris Voorn Magnolia Mix) [Audiomatique Recordings]
07. Chris Liebing, Green Velvet – Auf Und Ab Und Kinda High (Dustin Zahn Mix) [CLR]
08. Ben Sims – Back To The Pod [Drumcode]
09. Eats Everything – Entrance Song [Pets Recordings]
10. Rolando – Junie [Ostgut Ton]
11. Gary Beck – Fereneze [Soma Records]
12. Crudo – 50 Years (In The Makin’) [Subject Detroit]