Arabyrd: Flexing Again

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After jerking to ‘Byrd Kick’ for the nth time over the past 3 years since the song was released, it’s time to believe the hype again. Arabyrd just dropped a 3-track EP Disco Nected. Even without much in terms of new releases, the Sarawakian lass still maintains an indelible presence in the music scene. After all, it was only a few months ago that the whole of Klang Valley’s scenesters saw her rocking a mean set at her birthday party. The same stubborn presence translates on stage too as she hypnotises you with a swagger and energy rarely found in local acts. Most rappers fake their swag, Arabyrd sweats swag like it was the by-product of her biology.

Lead single off the EP, ‘Rolexflex’, exudes the same kind of energy you would expect from an Arabyrd joint. While the novelty and outré of her music might have waned a bit, the track is still infinitely catchy in the bass department and repetition of quirky phrasings (another talent she possesses, who else can come up with “byrd kick”?). We just wish there were more than 3 new tracks.

‘Rolexflex’ is free, the rest of EP will cost you €5 EUR. Get connected again with Arabyrd at