“What’s The Difference?”: Apple Catches Flak After Releasing First-Look Pics Of New iPhone 15

Source: Apple.com

After much anticipation, Apple has finally introduced their first look of the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro on their official social media pages, along with an announcement regarding the pre-order date, which begins on September 22.

As per usual, Apple product enthusiasts took to social media to discuss the matter, mostly flooding our timelines with comments on how they could hardly wait to get their hands on the iPhone 15 – a pattern we’ve witnessed with all the other new launches before. Of course, there’s also the question of picking out which of the unique colours suit you!
















Not everyone’s a fan of Apple products, right? Take Android users for example, who have stated that they can simply purchase a quality Android phone at an affordable price rather than forking out a whole month’s salary for a phone that functions the same – the only notable distinction being the half-bitten Apple logo.

Yup, the comments section is now equal parts high-fives and facepalms.

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Netizens have mostly been claiming that apart from the number in its name, these supposedly “new” Apple products are the same as their older counterparts; with no major changes nor updates.







Apple, in the meantime, remains diligent in justifying their new launch; highlighting the camera quality and also the changes in the charging cable. 

All this while, Apple products came with their own unique charging cable type, but now they have switched to USB Type C. 

Apple’s latest move may seem revolutionary one, but to many, it’s merely a late attempt at standardising their tech products. 














More specifically, netizens have expressed their dissatisfaction by stating that the iPhone 15 is just a copy-paste version of the iPhone 14 with a different charging cable. Some even said that these features had been “stolen” from Samsung.






The matter has stirred quite some controversy as there is also a large handful of people who very much welcome the launch of the iPhone 15, while others perceive it as a “trick” on Apple’s part to convince people to purchase their products solely for the brand value.

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